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Shooting high quality video in motion is impossible without effective systems of active stabilization. 3-axis gimbals for video cameras are now reliable supporters for video operators. They work on quiet brushless motors under control of powerful 32-bit microcontroller and respond to every little disturbance of camera view direction with more than 1 KHz frequency. Using widely spread electronic components, constantly experimenting and tuning program code, we’ve managed to achieve high quality of stabilization at a relatively low cost. All this inspired us to start this project.

Stable firmware for EvvGC

3Stb GUI for EvvGC and UStab 3/2axis controller

UStab HiEnd 3axis stabilization controller

MPU Sensor orientation definition

For correct operation of gimbal question about sensors positions on camera and on frame in critical. In this article we discuss how to deal with it. The article contains theoretical and practical parts of our solution. Practical part is presented by source code files within single QT project.

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Download this file (IMUOrientationDef.zip)IMU Orientation Defenition QT205 kB2016-04-12

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New Software for 3-axis gimbal

Correct operation of the 3-axis gimbal controller depends on many parameters. Some of these parameters are known before the beginning of of the work and should be stitched into flash memory of the controller. Some parameters must be defined at assembly and setup of the 3axis gimbal (the number of poles of the motors, the PID parameters, etc.). Some parameters must be setup during the work of the gimbal.


2015 Digest

In December it's traditional to sum up the achievements of the year and make new plans.

2015 has been really productive for our team. We managed to solve many technical and algorithmic challenges on which we worked in 2014, as well as reach the new level of quality.

What happened in 2015

Camera stabilizer 3 axis brushless motor controller systems: EvvGS and UStab with 3-STAB firmware

Getting smooth handheld aerial videos and pictures is quite challenging. There are many stabilization systems, but the most cutting-edge solution is a brushless gimbal. This solution is universal and allows you to use the camera gimbal as a handheld steadicam, as well as the camera binding for the flying drone or any other mobile system with more than 1 degree of freedom.

Our project is the further development of the open source project EvvGC – a controller that manages brushless engines stabilizing the camera position, and is the core part of the whole gimbal system. We haven’t changed the open architecture of the controller, but we have completely rebuilt the managing algorithms after months of designing and testing.

As a result, we’ve created an almost universal solution for getting impressively smooth videos for cameras of all classes. Our 3Stab firmware for EvvGC is compatible with our new UStab controller based on STM32 processor too. Currently, our team is testing the new architecture that we’ve built ourselves. In this new upgraded architecture we’ve fixed all the bugs of the EvvGC controller and have significantly increased the power of the managing channels (up to 8A per engine), which allows using it for almost all heavy cameras.

This video was shot using the Panasonic GH2 mirrorless camera with the 3 axis gimbal for video stabilization on the bases of the EvvGC controller and 3-STAB firmware. As you can see, it’s possible to get a stabilized video without any post-processing even in the complicated shooting conditions, including the high level of vibration and acceleration. So the greatest thing is that no matter what your operator’s skills and how nasty the weather is, this solution will help always get a professional video.

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